All Founder and CEO attendees can pitch with the CrowdPitch Competition

As you may or may not know, the Founder Showcase Pitch Competition is completely free. However, for many different reasons, it is not the right opportunity for some companies, which is why we created the Demo Table Competition to give more people an opportunity to pitch on stage. And, since the response has been so positive, we recently introduced the CrowdPitch Competition. 

Now, anyone who purchases a ticket has an opportunity to pitch on stage in front of hundreds of investors, founders, and press at the Founder Showcase event.  Simply purchase a ticket, and then submit a one-sentence pitch on our Facebook contest page, which will be launched one-month before the event (if you purchase a ticket, you will be notified via email). Then, through online voting and a live webinar judging of the best pitches, we will select the top pitch on Monday, May 12th, and that company will get to pitch their company for two minutes to a panel of experts, in front of hundreds of investors and press.

No other event gives attendees access to so much.


Creating an effective one-sentence pitch is easy with the Founder Institute’s “Madlibs for Pitching Format”. Simply fill in the blanks below:

My company, __(insert name of company)__, is developing __(a defined offering)__ to help __(a defined audience)__ __(solve a problem)__ with __(secret sauce)__.

What are you waiting for? Purchase a ticket to the 15th Founder Showcase before they sell out!