Founder Showcase Alumni Surpass $70mm Raised, Plus New Hall of Famers

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Founder Showcase Hall of Fame

    First off, we are happy to announce that, with the recent news of funding rounds from Udemy ($12 million), Spikes ($1 million), and Bloodhound ($3 million), Founder Showcase alumni have now surpassed $70 million in capital raised. Nothing makes the Founder Showcase team happier than to see past contestants performing in the real world!

    Now, with the Application Deadline for the 13th Founder Showcase coming up in just a few weeks, it’s due time for us to induct the newest members to the Founder Showcase Hall of Fame.

    These thirteen great companies have gone on achieve significant business milestones after the event; whether by raising funding, building a great business, or disrupting an industry.

    And without further ado…

    Newest Hall of Fame Inductees

    The 12th Founder Showcase Champion secured a $1 million seed round within one month of winning the event – and the round was led by Showcase Judge Jed Katz of JVP.

    Blueseed’s ambitious project garnered a $700,000 seed round led by two of Silicon Valley’s top investors: Peter Thiel and Mike Maples, Jr.

    After competing onstage in the Demo Table Competition, this social travel application raised $2.4 million in a round that included Khosla Ventures and Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang.

    Itembase, the 10th Founder Showcase Champion, quickly raised a six-figure seed round from both Silicon Valley and Berlin-based investors.

    SalesPortal, the first partnership marketing platform for contact centers, has raised $4.9 million and received numerous awards (including the Red Herring Global 100).

    Memetales, a mobile marketplace for interactive children’s stories, went on to present on the DEMO stage, raise a seed round from 500 Startups, and get featured in TechCrunch., a real-time market for photo and video journalism, raised an undisclosed seed round from CIT GAP Funds.

    Since presenting at the Showcase, the cloud storage protection company has moved from Singapore to Silicon Valley, and raised $1.5 million in funding.

    This advanced web application data security company raised a $175,000 seed round, and was also selected as a SINET 16 Innovator.

    BlogMutt, a marketplace for crowdsourced blog content, raised a $250,000 seed round led by the Denver/ Boulder-area’s top startup entrepreneurs.

    Keepstream, a tweet curation and publishing service, raised $20,000 in funding from Capital Factory, and then was acquired by Infochimps.

    The social media marketing startup secured seed funding from the Singhome Fund (backed by John Wu, Co-Founder of the Alibaba Group) and has expanded internationally.

    TimeSight Systems, which develops video lifecycle management solutions for the video surveillance market, has raised $2 million from NVP and the NJEDA.

    See the full list of Founder Showcase Hall of Famers here.

    To apply to the 13th Founder Showcase Pitch Competition, click here. The competition is 100% free, and any company less than 2 years old with less than $250,000 in funding can apply.

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